Restore’s Post Acute Residential Rehabilitation Program incorporates:

• A home like treatment environment and surrounding community
• Comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation therapies and treatment strategies
• A philosophy of care to achieve optimal functional outcomes

Our goal is to assist each individual to acquire the skills to enable him/her to be as successful as possible in the least restrictive environment possible; to promote community inclusion, decrease caregiver burden, and promote family adjustment to lives that have been changed as a result of an acquired brain injury. We continue to address maximum functional recovery while simultaneously beginning remediation and/or the elimination of problematic behaviors. Our philosophy of care is built on concepts of Patience, Persistence, Positiveness, Courtesy, Concern, Creativity, and Common Sense to engage the client in the rehabilitation process. The Residential Rehabilitation Program provides options for both secure and open residental areas. Average staff-to-client ratios are 1:4 and will be as high as 1:1 when required for safety or treatment plan implementation. Therapeutic plans utilize both facility based clinics as well as the surrounding community to promote generalization of newly acquired skills sets for transition back home. Supervised volunteer work placements in our surrounding community, 2-4 hours per week, promotes the transition from a disabled world view to an empowered self concept for both the client and the family and becomes the cornerstone of discharge planning.

When changes in the client’s personality and severity of problematic behaviors create disruption and obstacles to their ability to beneficial participation in traditional rehabilitation settings, the Post Acute Residential Rehabilitation Program at Restore Neurobehavioral Center may be an appropriate alternative.