As specialists in Neurobehavioral Treatment and Supported Living Services, Restore has been treating adults with behavioral disorders following a brain injury for 25 years. Initially a hospital-based specialized comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program, we moved operations to a community based, residential setting in 2000 to enhance the rehabilitation focus on community reintegration goals. The State of Georgia licensed Restore Neurobehavioral Center as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) facility when we moved to our facility in Roswell, GA, in 2001. This allowed us to expand our continuum of care to include both a Post Acute Residential Rehabilitation Program and Supported Living Programs (Lifelong Living Program) to meet an ever growing need for an alternative for young-to-middle aged adults needing this level of care. Restore-Ragland (AL) opened in 2007. Restore-Lilburn (GA) opened in 2008. Regardless of the setting, our focus remains exclusively the treatment of adults with brain injury who struggle with moderate-to-severe behavioral problems or achieve maximum success from the high degree of structure available in our programs. As one of a few neurobehavioral programs in the greater southeast, we’ve served clients from as far away as the Philippine Islands and all corners of the continental United States. Restore has maintained accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 1992.

Our expertise and specialization distinguishes Restore Neurobehavioral Center from other post acute rehabilitation providers…

• Over 25 years exclusive focus on neurobehavioral intervention
• Over 700 clients successfully served
• Over 100 cumulative years of clinical experience
• Onsite bilingual professional and paraprofessional staff at both the rehabilitation and supported living sites