Restore works with commercial insurance providers, workers compensation programs, and funding options for Veterans and Military Services members to provide cost effective funding solutions to help individuals recover maximum independence and reintegration in the community of their choice.


Restore Health Group, d b a, Restore Neurobehavioral Center, partners with a broad range of Preferred Provider Organizations and Networks for our Post Acute Residential Rehabilitation Program. Restore provides nursing care and medically necessary, licensed therapies to improve health outcomes and functional abilities in areas such as mobility, performance of self care and other activities of daily living, speech and language functioning, and adjustment concerns for the individual and family. Each client has an assigned Program Case Manager to facilitate frequent communication and reporting to insurance representatives.

Workers Compensation

Restore Health Group contracts with a number of workers compensation rehabilitation organizations and is included in many Workers Compensation Preferred Provider Organizations and Networks to serve individuals recovering from work related neurological injuries. The focus of the Post Acute Residential Rehabilitation on functional recovery, social skills, reintroduction to community and work related activities, targets to get the injured worker back to productive activity as quickly as possible. Our continuum of care offers supportive transitional services to support the injured worker as he/she progresses from inpatient settings to home with the greatest sustainable success; as well as, offers alternative living in the Supported Living Program when return home is not an option. Our Program Case Managers work closely with workers compensation rehabilitation professionals, adjusters, and representatives for the most cost effective sustainable outcomes for each injured worker. Prior to admission, Restore will negotiate comprehensive per diem rates that include licensed therapies, nursing, room and board and other ancillary services as determined appropriate to the needs.

Private Pay

Restore Health Group has experience working with private pay agreements with attorneys and individuals who wish to pay for services under such an agreement.

Public Funding

Restore Health Group is unable to participate in state Medicaid or Medicaid Waiver programs at this time. Medicare does not fund post acute residential care or supported long term living provided under a Traumatic Brain Injury License. Restore Health Group continues to participate in ongoing advocacy efforts targeting nondiscriminatory accessibility to appropriate community based treatment and support services for individuals following brain injury.

For more information about our fee structure or how to make a referral, please contact us at 800-437-7972 ext 8251 or email us at