Restore Health Group…

• “team as a whole garners much praise from the persons served, families and external stakeholders.” (2016) • “team process is close knit and collaborative. There is strong medical input, particularly from physiatry, neuropsychology and pharmacology,w hich results in timely adjustments to the treatment plans of persons served”. (2016)
• “has an engaged and attentive case management group that coordinates care across programs. The families, persons served and external stakeholders report excellent interaction and communication”. (2016)
• “retains highly experienced clinicans in the area of neurobehavioral brain injuries, providing resources to meet the needs of persons served, developing a repurtation of being the place for neurobehavioral brain injuries, developing strong external relationships in the healthcare community, being advocates on local and regional issues related to brain injury, and providing its staff members with extensive training to ensure its employees’ success in working with the unique needs of persons served”. (2016)
• “is well positioned within the Georgia healthcare community to provide resources for addressing complex behavioral needs. The organization has a well-coordinated and flexible continuum of care for persons served. The continuity and flexibility of the programs allow for fluid movement in and out of programs that are most appropriately suited for the persons service in the various stages of recovery. In addition, this connection helps to address and support a post-acute care brain injury continuum”. (2013)
• “enjoys an excellent and well-deserved reputation for providing quality rehabilitation services. This is reflected in the tributes paid to the organization by those stakeholders interviewed”. (2013)
• “There is strong integration of family/support systems into the care process. Family issues are systematically integrated within the program”. (2013)