Restore Neurobehavioral Center, specialists in Neurobehavioral Treatment and Supported Living Services, offer programs designed to treat and manage adults with moderate to severe maladaptive behaviors as a consequence to a brain injury.

Clients served in our Post Acute Residential Rehabilitation Program and Supported Living Programs come from a wide variety of sources and settings with variety of injury characteristics:

General characteristics:

• 87% male
• Average age of 45 (range 18-62)
• 91% Southeastern US residents
• 9% Outside Southeastern US residents
• 63% from Georgia

• 91% Traumatic Brain Injuries (MVA, Falls, Gunshot wounds)
• 9% Acquired Brain Injuries (near drowning, encephalitis, anoxia, electrocutions)
• 30% admit with an additional medical condition (insulin dependent diabetes, seizure disorders, and/or pre-injury mood disorders)

The length of time between injury and admission to our Post Acute Residential Rehab Program:

• 45% less than/equal to 3 months from date of injury
• 27% less than/equal to 3 months from date of injury
• 45% less than/equal to 1 year from date of injury
• 9% less than/equal to 3 years from date of injury
• 18% greater than 3 years but less than 5 years from date of injury
• 0% greater than or equal to 10 years from date of injury